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Marlowe's Canon

On this page you will discover links to all of Marlowe's works.  Most of them were laboriously keypunched (!) by Louis Ule and are included in his Concordances to the Works of Marlowe and to Shakespeare's Apocrypha. 

Louis Ule not only believed Marlowe to have become the writer William Shakespeare, his canon wide studies of their works comes as close to proving it as any computer based study will.  Ule's method, which takes no samples, but studies entire texts and canons, considers every word, every phrase, every sentence.  Such a study shows a remarkable overlap between the works of Marlowe and Shakespeare, which similar studies do not show for other writers.

This and biographic evidence strongly suggests that Marlowe became the writer William Shakespeare.

The texts will be ordered in supposed chronological order.

Famous Victories of Henry V

Arden of Faversham

Richard III

Woodstock, ms.

Taming of A Shrew

True Contention I

True Contention II

Henry IV, ms.

Hero and Leander Part One

Hero and Leander Parts Two and Three


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