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How the DNB Rewrites History

The Best Overview Yet

New Biographic Discoveries About Marlowe

Helping David Riggs Get His Facts Straight

Why Bacon, Oxford and Other Peers Weren't Shakespeare

Proof At Last

Did Hamlet Solve the Authorship Question?

Did Hamlet Solve the Authorship Question? Illustrated!

Did Hamlet Solve the Authorship Question? Illustrated & Expanded

Did Marlowe Compete Hero and Leander?

The Deptford Story Illustrated

An Even Simpler Little Marlowe Story Illustrated

The Continued Persecution of John Payne Collier by the Freemans

Is the Marley Cipher in Hamlet's Name Intentional?

Where there Three Marlowe Ciphers in Hamlet?

Are There More Marlowe Ciphers in the Plays?

"The Face of Old Billy Bud Our Bard"

An Illustrated Profile of Marlowe

Marlowe's Authorship of the Sonnets

A New Shakespeare Annotation Damns the Stratman as an Actor!

Birthday Ciphers in the Psalms and in the Sonnets

Much Ado About Something, BBC, PBS and Marlowe

The Short Case for Christopher Marlowe's Authorship of Shakespeare's Canon:

A Simple Little Marlowe Story

Illiteracy in Shakspere's Home

Hoffman Essay 2002 

The Manuscript of Henry IV

Who Hijacked the Hoffman Prize and Why?

Shakespeare's Private Friends

Was Shakespeare Ordained and Cloistered or Just a Liar?

A New Place or an Old Problem?

Was Hamnet Shakspere Illiterate?

Why William Hatcliffe wasn't "Mr. W. H." of the Sonnets of Shakespeare:

The Shakespeare Problem Restated

Some Interesting Mathematical Facts about Marlowe's Sonnets

The Null Hypothesis: No Shakespeare Problem Until 1623

The Rebuses of the First Folio

A Contemporary Allusion to Marlowe Rediscovered     

Dr Mendenhall Proves Marlowe was the Author Shakespeare?

Bacon and the so called Henry IV ms.

Shakespeare's Portrayal of the Moral Life

Henry IV Ms., Folio One Recto

Discoveries about Marlowe and Shakespeare

Marlowe Alive in 1599, 1602 and 1603

The Marlowe-Shakespeare Tree

Shakespeare's Learning and Wisdom

Tutor to Arbella Stuart

On Defending John Payne Collierfont>

The Stratfordian Libel of John Payne Collier

Tannenbaum and Other Stratfordian Witch Hunts.

Photographic Proof Perkins Emendations were c. 1634

Helping Kathman and Freeman with the Elizabethan Secretary Hand

Some Thoughts on Elizabethan Manuscripts

The Timon of Athens manuscript

Marlowe, Heywood and Thomas Hammon: Proof of a Post 1593 Marlowe

Marlowe and Nicholas Faunt

Why Marlowe?

What Does Shakespeare Tell Us About Marlowe's Escape?

Original manuscript of Henry IV?

True Believers & the Stratfordians

"Dumbing down" the texts

Emerging Shakespeare

Who was the "pretty boy"?

How Stratfordians Cheat

Marlowe's Portrait?

Why Computer Authorship Studies are Inconclusive

Corrections in Henry IV, ms.

New Line in the Henry IV, ms.

Falstaff's Debt to Socrates' Death

On Shakespeare's Debt to Plato

On the Latin Source for Prospero's Speech

Primary Documents Relating to Marlowe

Elizabethan Ciphers 

On Marlowe's Authorship of Venus and Adonis Hoffman Essay 13

The Stratfordian Strategy Exposed

The Strange History of Othello

Othello's 1622 Publication Solved

On the Identity of Mr. W. H.

Taking Down Jerry Downs' Take on the Manuscript of Henry IV

Did Jonson Hint at Marlowe?

On the Trail of Registration Dates

Winstanley and the Scottish Succession

Sir Lewis Leuknor, Marlowe and Shakespeare: A Cover Up?

Troilus and Cressida its Authorship Revisited

A Credo for Rational Anti-Stratfordians

A New Shakespeare Portrait?

What Happened 30 May 1593

Why Emerson was a Marlovian

Marlowe's Canon

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