Saturday, May 03, 2003

Floored in Florida

I'm astonished that none of the jackals at HLAS pounced on my sinewy verses and tore them to shreds after I posted them. Comments were offered by only a couple of Marlovians, plus my old friend and sparring partner Greg Reynolds, who cleverly picked up on the irony of the fact that--after signing myself David "I'm getting so old, I can hardly remember anything any" More--I forgot to give the URL for the website! A Marlovian named Lyra (with a penchant for anagrams) came to the rescue and looked it up on Google, then summarized the contents and offered some encouraging words:

"Quinquereme of Nineveh, from distant Ophir,
rowing home to haven in sunny Palestine..."

"speed bonny boat, like a bird on the wing"

Which I appreciate(d). Then, another Marlovian calling himself Yogi Buchon, welcomed and thanked me for printing his 12 point theory in the Marlovian newsletter.

No one had anything to say about The Marliad, but I'm not surprised. I suspect that a few of them were "floored" themselves, if they read it. Either because it was so bad--or so good! Either way, I wouldn't be surprised if the other candidates' bards are now scrambling to scribble verse versions of their own candidates' stories.

Back to basics

Meanwhile, the Marlowe Lives! website must be designed so it looks the same no matter what browser is used.


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