Christopher Marlowe wasn't killed but banished...

Marlowe Lives!
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Marlowe Lives! Association, Est. 1993

Memorial at Midnight, 1993
1564 - 1593 ?

Founded on the 400th anniversary of the poet's mysterious murder on May 30, 1593.
The photograph at left shows a small banner with the words
Marlowe Lives! covering the date of his alleged death on the monument to his memory in Canterbury, England, in front of the Marlowe Theater. The image was snapped at midnight, 400 years to the day when the poet is alleged to have met his "sudden end" in what history calls "a tavern brawl."

Beginning with three charter members in 1993, one of whom the great eccentric Louis Ule, is dead (or so it is said), but the two remaining charter members, Doris Wilbert and John Baker (two other great eccentrics) have been joined by literally tens of others who are currently investigating--and propagating--Christopher Marlowe's authentic connection to the works attributed to (the concealed author) William Shakespeare.

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