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1996 - 97

Issue 1— Fall 1993

Newsletter issue #1
The Truth About Christopher Marley?
Hoffman Prize Raises Cries
Calvin Hoffman profile
Hoffman Papers at King’s School
Marlowe on Film?
Marlowe Conference at Cambridge University: A Report
Reckoning with Marlowe’s life and death
Marlowe gets short shrift in authorship book
Faustus thief under curse?
New book about two theatrical giants (review)

Issue 2—Summer 1994

Nicholl vs More

Burford Banks on Devere’s Verse
Briefly noted
Debate sought by Ayres
Revised Baines’ Note: A Smoking Quill
Reckoning author takes arms against a sea of errors
Marlovian editor fights back
Marlowe Fails to Come to Life (in recent fiction and drama)
Exile and putative death recur in Shakespeare
Christopher Marlowe’s education (an open book)

Issue 3— Fall 1994
The Miracle of Lucrece
The Miracle of Lucrece
Christopher Marlowe’s “graver labor”
The Earl of Southampton (a friend of a friend )
Who was Shakespeare? (Authorship Roundtable debate)
The Argument of The Rape of Lucrece
Mr. Marlowe, your spear is showing
The Ballad of Christopher Marley
Narrative poems reveal Marlowe’s hand in both (asking the question “which came first the goddess or the nun?”)
Is Calvin Hoffman rolling over in his grave?
My trip to the Folger
Reader espouses Marlowe’s patriotism
Apologies to Charles I & II
Powle’s writ by any other name would smell as fishy
Positioning “Shakespeare”
Marlowe’s literary persona


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Issue 4—Winter 1995
Issue 4
Marlowe and the Girl who would be Queen
Not only does Bacon’s choice of words disqualify him for the Shakespeare crown, but “also” reveals Marlowe
An exchange with Marlowe Society President Constance Kuriyama
Kit at Valladolid in 1602?
Orthodox Shakespeareans don’t get the drift
Merlin in the state’s clutches
Two split Hoffman Prize
Marlowe’s rare signature
English Marlowe Society learns about (Marlowe’s) Arden of Faversham
Etiological conceits in V&A and H&L
A Modern Mr. W.H.
Which came first: pseudonym or pseudo man?
Actor’s fortunes noted
The creation of the Shakespeare industry
What’s wrong with this picture?
A ‘monimental’ hoax
Punctuating the (Shakespeare) pseudonym
Advertisement for The Shakespeare Authourship Parlour Game
“Marlowe” film screenwriter seeks literary justice
Marlowe was Shakespeare: Say it again.
Lawmaker (poem by George Maritime)
Student-essay wins Hoffman-King’s award
Marlowe was Shakespeare (300 words)
School of Night playwright tells of Kit’s end

Issue 5--   Summer 1995

Appointment at Deptford— The Meeting that Wasn’t
Kit’s Lifeline, by Roberta Ballantine
Through ‘far memory’ Marlowe tells his story
Marlowe and Shakespeare— Parallel lives don’t meet
Kit loses a true friend— Leo     McDonald
F. Bacon on superstition
Reader is glad to have #5
On-line inquest at “A Room in Deptford”
The official version of Marlowe’s instant death
Marlowe’s mighty on-line
“To the memory of the deceased author ... “ by Leonard Digges
King’s School connections to Marlowe and Shakespeare
Avon calling
Spirit of Marlowe
The handwriting’s not in the will
Words won’t pass away
Pop quiz (poem by George Maritime)
Ten reasons why the actor could not have been the writer


Issue 6--Winter 1996
Issue 6
Roger Manwood: Patron and Pater?
Dating Henry IV, Part 2
Shakespeare and the Performance Indicators
Dramatic dialectic informs book about Marlowe and Alleyn
Edward Devere’s role as Marlowe’s Patron
Shakespeare on the Big Screen
Shakespeare’s Agent
Churchyard of ideas
Crackpot theories
Dering manuscript analysis accepted for publication
Matus Deflatus
Hoffman Prize winner
Indisputable evidence needed.
Who Said That?
Rusty writing style
Knights of Marlowe?

Issue 7--Summer 1996
issue #7 ML!A marks third anniversary
On-line Inquest
Editorial board
The Queen (poem by George Maritime)
Big Screen Marlowe
Hoffman (sur)Prize
Alternative Shakespeare
World Wide Web plans

Issue 8--Fall 1996
Issue #8
Christopher Marlowe alias Martin Marprelate?
Drunken sailor or imprisoned writer? (whose body was viewed by Coroner Danby?)
Thomas Thorpe: well-wishing adventurer
Marlowe’s background explains foul play
Warning: lurid reading
Roman poet’s fate parallels Marlowe’s
Lookin’ at Lucan
Was the First Folio a Masonic publication?
Shakespeare poem yields cipher
College cheer (poem by George Maritime)

Issue 9--Spr '97
Issue 9

Marlowe Lives! Dies
(Long Live the Marlowe (Shh-akespeare) Society)

“Marlowe Day” June 1
Marlovian snap shots
Nicknames for Kit
Web site addresses
Martin & Sanford Texts available
Marlowe on film?
Wraight debates 
New Evidence

Issue 10--  Spring 1998
Issue #10
Meet Monsieur le Doux
False news about ‘William’—and other discoveries of importance
With Watson and the printers at Newgate (another explanation of the Bradley duel)
Cambridge plays inspire ‘Shakespeare’
Over the transcontinental transom (a review of Marlowe: Being in the Life of Mind)
The fate of the Marprelate printers
Epitome of Martin (condensed)
Authorship debated in Bath
Wraight’s lecture tour postponed
Hoffman Prize goes to ‘rampant Stratfordian’
Manwood vault ransacked
Battling the URL of Oxfraud

Issue 11--Fall 1999
Issue #11
Still Hanging Around
Monsieur le Whose books?
ML!A News
As You Lie, Kit 
LeDoux’s trunk not what we thunk
Richard II omitted from Bacon bio
Marlowe on big screen
Writers Guild restores credit
Marlowe-Shakespeare different, alike.
Two poems share locale
Style analysis: J.M. Robertson style
Rules for authorship debate
Touchstone’s Anagram 
Kit at Valladolid
Mr. Tamburlaine Man
Marley’s Ghost

Issue 12--Spring 2001
Issue #12
No Hoffman Prize for You!
The Queen's writ
ML!A News
Florio's Labor not Lost
Faunt of Knowledge
Zenner's Invention reviewed
Marlowe in 1817 & 2001
Ben Jonson's 'grave' friend
A Forger's Tragedy?
The Marliad (a selection)
Digging up Mary
Zenner replies
Shakespeare’s Logic
Issue 13--Sp 2002
Issue #13
Hoffman Prize Surprise!
Rigorous evidence
Marlowe Society News
Remembering A.D. Wraight
Humphrey King pseudonym
Controversial theories
African Queens
Dedicaton of Hermit's Tale
The Marliad (excerpts)
ML!A News
More Ado


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