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Organizations and Societies

International Marlowe-Shakespeare Society  - formed in 2008 by Daryl Pinksen, Peter Farey, and others who are studying and writing about the Marlowe-Shakespeare connection.

Marlowe Society (England) -- Founded in England in 1955, following the great success of Calvin Hoffman's book The Murder of the Man who was Shakespeare.

Marlowe Society (America) -- Founded in the 60's. Mostly academic.

Marlowe Lives! Association (ML!A)--A crazy crew of cranks & crackpots who believe that their hero was quilled--not killed-- in 1593.

Modern Language Association (MLA) --The supreme academic literary organization. Its members know what a difference an exclamation mark can make, and the difference between Marlowe and Shakespeare.

Prizes and Awards

    Hoffman Prize--Approximately $9,000 for the best essay on the topic of Christopher Marlowe's contribution to the plays of William Shakespeare.
    Fausty Prize--Virtually the only award of its kind. No cash, no plaque. Enormous prestige.

Other Shakespeare Authorship related sites

Books and theories about Christopher Marlowe, alias "Shakespeare"

A list of books, websites, poems, and articles about Christopher Marlowe and his alter ego, Shakespeare —in print and on the web, in alphabetical order, by author. The list is incomplete, and more titles will be added in the future. 
  • Lee Bailey —Not the famous barrister, but an old friend of Calvin Hoffman's, the late Mr. Bailey left behind an unpublished manuscript of Marlowe's connection to Giordano Bruno.  Soon to be published.
  • John Baker— Not the famous biographer, John Bakeless, but an old friend of Calvin Hoffman and Louis Ule, appeared in the documentary film Much Ado About Something,, and sets forth his theories in full on  his website, which is temporarily off-line.
  • Roberta Ballantine—Under Pluto's Helmet, a  novel, develops the fertile possibility that Kit was the illegitimate child of Sir Roger Manwood. Ms. Ballantine has also discovered an amazing sequence of cyphers in the Shakespeare plays, some of which have recently been published here.
  • Ros BarberThe Marlowe Papers.
  • Rodney Bolt - History Play: The Lives and Afterlife of Christopher Marlowe
  • Samuel L Blumenfeld -- The Marlowe-Shakespeare Connection: A New Study of the Authorship Question
  • AM. ChallinorAlternative Shakespeare . Suggests a partnership between the Earl of Oxford and Marlowe.
  • Peter Farey —Peter's Marlowe Page, is chock full of original research and analysis. By far the best website devoted to Marlowe. Also appeared in Much Ado About Something.
  • Calvin Hoffman —The Murder of the Man who was Shakespeare (1955, 1661). The book that started it all. Out of print. Available through the ML!A Bookstore.
  • Alex Jack -- Hamlet, Christopher Marlowe and William Shakespeare, 400th Anniversary Edition.
  • William Honey — The Life Loves and Achievements of Christopher Marlowe (alias Shakespeare).
  • Jean Jofen--The founding President of the Marlowe Society of America, Prof. Jofen has published some intriguing theories about Marlowe connection to Martin Marprelate in an essay published here.  
  • George Maritime — The Bard of Yonkers. Read  some of his poetry.
  • Charles Michaels Jr. — essays include "Marlowe's Education is an Open Book" and "The Meeting that Wasn't."
  • Darby Mitchell-- Miranda her litel Booke presents the intriguing theory that Marlowe assumed the identity of the 1st Earl of Cork, Richard Boyle, in 1598.
  • David More —"Anatomy of a Hoax," and other essays, including a verse essay, The Marliad.
  • Donna M. Murphy—As her website explains, Donna specializes in assigning authors to anonymous plays.
  • Charles Nicholl—a revised edition of The Reckoning, informative presentation of the facts surrounding the Marlowe murder case, concluding that the poet's 'sudden end' was not accident.
  • Daryl Pinksen - Marlowe's Ghost: The Blacklisting of the Man Who Was Shakespeare
  • Mike Rubbo-- film maker whose Much Ado About Something, shared the Calvin and Rose Hoffman Prize for 2001 and was shown on PBS's Frontline documentary series.
  • Adam Selzer —Folk opera It was Marlowe! —R&G, teenage folk heroes strike again!
  • Louis UleChristopher Marlowe: A Biography - out of print, but available online at The Marlowe Studies.Org
  • Archie Webster —  His essay "Was Marlowe the Man?" on Farey's website.
  • Ann WeirMarlowe: Being in Mind (available through ML!A)
  • Doris WilbertShakespeare Revivified: Silent Shakespeare (available through MLA)
  • Martha Worrell—"Marlowe's 'graver labor," "Lookin' at Lucan," "It's a hoax, folks"
  • A.D. WraightIn Search of Christopher Marlowe (photographs by Virginia Stern; Christopher  Marlowe and Edward Alleyn, The Story that the Sonnets Tell; Shakespeare: New Evidence (all available through Albion Book Shop.) Riposte to Charles Nicholl.   She appeared in Much Ado About Something.
  • William Ziegler — novel It was Marlowe! was published in 1898.
  • Peter Zenner —offers an intriguing theory of three (count 'em, 3) "Shakespeares" in his book The Shakespeare Invention.

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